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Jewelry Engraving in South Boston, VA

Engraving is a long-lasting solution for customizing jewelry or other metal products. Compared with surface printing, it is far more resilient to fading or wears over the years since engraving involves cutting into the surface of the metal. In addition, looking at engraved words, numbers, or symbols from a distance seems crisp and clear. Finally, it makes the jewelry, gift, or trophy you engrave more distinguishable.

Firearm Engraving in South Boston, VA

Whether you like to incorporate patterns, create a unique look, or add some personalized touches, we have the best in-house firearm engraving services.  


Firearm engraving is an ancient technique. Engraved firearms showcase power and ownership. Elaborate engravings decorate, inspire, and awe!


Engraving entails cutting a design into the metal. Firearms decorated using acid etching, roll stamping, or photo etching are incorrectly referred to as “engraving.” But such is not the real definition of firearm engraving. Laser engraving is the newest trend in firearm engraving.

The Engraving Process

We can transform your firearm into a family heirloom and a timeless work of art. Firearm engravers spend many years in training and the process takes many hours of work. 


We use a state-of-the-art computerized engraving system to engrave logos, symbols, personal signatures, handwriting, photos, fingerprints, handprints, paw prints and much more. . Although firearm engraving is a simple process, it can take years to perfect. 


We have two engravers to serve your engraving needs: Signature Engraver (computerized engraving system) and the Laser Star (laser engraver). These machines can engrave on glass, plastic, various metals including precious metals, as well as embossing on leather, wood, and vinyl. We can also do 3-D engraving and color engraving.

How do we engrave your firearm? 

  1. We start with creating the design you want engraved on your firearm on laser engraving software. 
  2. We then clean the portion of the firearm to engrave and rinse it well. . 
  3. Laser technology is used to engrave the personalized design and patterns to the clean firearm metal. 
  4. Your design is secured on the firearm metal. 
  5. The design is polished and finished. 

Firearm engraving entails a special process. Laser technology does not only offer visual appeal, you can also touch it, and make the pattern convex or concave. You can even have the pattern perfectly engraved on small parts of your firearm. . 

All our engraving services are done in-house.

FFL License 

We have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) so you are sure that your firearm is in good hands with us. We also have a separate safe for all firearms brought in for engraving.  

An FFL license is a must in the business of firearm engraving. Why is that so? 

  • As firearms engravers, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) or the ATF also considers us firearm smiths so we need to have an FFL license. 
  • Our FFL license allows us to receive and shift firearms that belong to our customers. 
  • Our license allows us to keep customers’ firearms on our shop premises for more than 24 hours. 
  • We also need an FFL license so we can engrave on the serial number part of the firearm. 

Our FFL license makes us a legitimate firearm engraving service. 

There are several reasons you would need our firearm engraving services. It can add value to your firearm should you decide to sell it because it is personal and unique. It can also be easier to identify your firearm should it get lost or stolen. 

Most of our firearm engraving customers say we do an amazing job in creating an heirloom piece out of their firearms. Be like one of them. 

Conceptualize your unique design and bring your firearm over to us for laser engraving. Additionally, we also offer computerized personal engraving, laser engraving and custom firearm engraving.

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