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Custom Jewelry Designs and Fabrication in South Boston, VA Custom Jewelry Designs and Fabrication in South Boston, VA

Every year, custom jewelry is growing in popularity and many customers are falling towards this trend. Custom jewelry designs and fabrication allow your jewelry to be as unique as you.

Custom jewelry is unlike the mass-produced pieces jewelry stores sell. It comes with your custom design based on your taste and preference. It is also made of gemstones, metals, size, and color of your choice.

Custom jewelry designs and fabrication are specifically made to be one-of-a-kind. As the designer, you will work closely with us so we can turn your vision into reality.
Custom jewelry is not as expensive as you think, but it can be a bit more expensive than mass-produced jewelry. However, the originality and quality of your custom jewelry will outweigh its cost because you are guaranteed a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry with superior craftsmanship.

About two decades ago, custom jewelry designs and fabrication involved a lot of time and were too labor-intensive. But, with modern technology such as 3D printing and digital software for jewelers, the design and production time has sped up.

Custom jewelry designs and fabrication have only recently been in the spotlight, but it is increasingly becoming one of the top trends in fine jewelry shopping.


How do we do Custom Jewelry Designs and Fabrication? 

  1. We will discuss your design and budget. You will need to tell us what you want in terms of precious metal, stone quality, and other details of your custom jewelry. 
  2. We will sketch your design idea. 
  3. We will create high-resolution 3D renderings of jewelry design with CAD software. The 3D model is for functionality and may not look as aesthetically pleasing as the final product. 
  4. You will approve the photo-realistic image. 
  5. We then proceed to the casting and finishing of your custom jewelry. 
  6. Your jewelry goes into the final customization stage for any aesthetic adjustments making sure every part of your jewelry is accurately done according to your design.
  7. Stone setting is then done making sure each stone is carefully mounted onto the metal. 
  8. Your jewelry goes through polishing and finishing. 
  9. Your custom jewelry goes through quality control. Each detail is examined and checked to ensure it conforms to your design and is of top quality. 
  10. You will receive your custom jewelry. 

Custom jewelry designs and fabrication takes time to manufacture. It typically takes 12 weeks to customize your jewelry. It can be more depending on the complexity of your design and the time it takes for you to approve every step of the process. The number of custom orders ahead of yours is also a factor to consider.

The long wait will, however, be worth it. We make sure each step of our custom jewelry designs and fabrication process is done with love and care. We make sure to create only the best pieces of custom jewelry.

Do you have a custom jewelry design in minds? Drop by our store so we can discuss your custom jewelry designs and fabrications. Together we can bring your design idea into reality.

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