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Estate & Insurance Replacement Appraisals

Professional Jewelry Insurance and Estate Appraisals in South Boston, VA Professional Jewelry Insurance and Estate Appraisals in South Boston, VA

Do you want to know the current market replacement value of your jewelry? If you do, then you will need a jewelry appraisal.

A jewelry appraisal is a process of examining the jewelry by a qualified professional to get its replacement market value.

You may want to have your jewelry insured. It is possible that a jewelry appraisal needed to settle an estate.

Appraisal for Insurance

If you have valuable jewelry, you want insurance to protect it. Your insurance company will need a detailed jewelry appraisal from a reputable appraiser to make sure you receive a suitable retail replacement or a cash reimbursement in case of loss or theft.

The fair market value of your jewelry will be lower than its replacement value because a retail replacement value reflects the replacement cost of used jewelry with a new equivalent.

Most Insurance companies require an updated appraisal every 3 years to stay current with inflation.

What to Expect from our Jewelry Appraisal Service? 

  1. We will examine your jewelry. 
  2. We will make a description of your jewelry. 
  3. We will then state the fair market value, replacement value, or liquidation value of your jewelry. 
  4. We will give you a document with a description of the jewelry and its current value.

Jewelry appraisal documents will include: 

  • Your name, date, and the intended use of the jewelry appraisal. 
  • Description of the jewelry, including color, cut, grades of clarity, weight, measurements, and distinguishing characteristics. 
  • The dollar amount of current fair market value.
  • Manufacturing information such as, who made the jewelry, type of metal, number of karats, and workmanship rates. 
  • Photograph of the jewelry (optional at an additional cost)
  • Estimated value based on the current jewelry market. 
  • Signature of the appraiser.  

Anyone can claim to be a jewelry appraiser whether they have a jewelry store or not. There are no state or federal licensing requirements. So, you will have to determine whether the appraiser is equipped with the tools and expertise to fully evaluate your jewelry. 

Why trust us with your jewelry appraisal

  • Our Appraiser has earned an Insurance Replacement Appraisal certificate from GIA Gemological Institute of America. Not only have they been trained to be jewelry appraisers, but also are knowledgeable and updated about the current jewelry market. 
  • Our jewelry appraiser understand the manufacturing techniques and know how these contribute to the value of your jewelry. 
  • Our jewelry appraiser many years of jewelry experience making them more knowledgeable appraisers. 
  • Our jewelry appraisers adhere to the highest level of professional conduct. 

If you need jewelry appraisal, bring your item to our jewelry store and we will do a reliable and precise appraisal of your jewelry. By the way, never dismiss custom jewelry. Some of these pieces are worth more than you might think.

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