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Jewelry Cleaning in South Boston, VA Jewelry Cleaning in South Boston, VA

Our jewelry cleaning services can bring back the sparkle and shine of your most-loved pieces!

When was the last time you had your jewelry inspected and cleaned by a professional? We suggest you take your jewelry to a professional to be inspected and cleaned every six months to keep it in top shape and maintain its luster.

Your jewelry with stones needs cleaning because dirt often gets trapped around the stone. Your jewelry can get scuffed and scratched due to everyday tear but we can buff it and bring back its shine.

You can clean most of your jewelry at home. But if you have delicate pieces you need them to be handled by professional jewelry cleaners to avoid damage. Besides, a do-it-yourself jewelry cleaning will not give your jewelry the same beautiful sheen as when done by a professional. You will also not be able to get the dirt out of hard-to-reach parts.

While we clean your jewelry, we will also look for signs of wear and tear. We will then suggest some necessary repairs before the problems get any worst. Whether you purchased your jewelry from us or not, we can inspect and clean them.


Our jewelry cleaning services include: 

  • Ultrasonic cleaning to get rid of dirt. 
  • Steam cleaning to bring out the shine in your precious stones and diamonds. 
  • Intensive deep cleaning underneath st6ones and behind the metalwork. 
  • Buffing surface scratches. 

Rest assured, we will take good care of your jewelry while bringing back its condition to when you first bought it. Our jewelry cleaning services are safe for your jewelry. 

While we’re at it, we will inspect your jewelry for any damage. 


How We Do It

Before cleaning, we will inspect your jewelry to check out loose stones or any possible damage. We will then inform you of the results of our inspections. We can also do jewelry repair together with jewelry cleaning. 


When it is safe to proceed, we will determine the best cleaning method for your jewelry

General Jewelry Care Tips

  • Do not spray perfume or hairspray on your jewelry. 
  • Avoid using sunscreen or lotion near your ring. Lotion can remove the shine of your ring’s metal and gems. 
  • Take off your jewelry when using household chemicals. Most of these cleaners contain bleach which can permanently damage your gold jewelry. 
  • Do not wear your jewelry while swimming. Chlorine may permanently damage the alloys in your gold jewelry.  
  • Avoid wearing your ring when gardening. Dirt may easily get into the hard-to-reach areas of your ring. 
  • Take off your jewelry when doing sports. 
  • Take your jewelry to a professional jewelry cleaning service every six months for cleaning and inspection. 

Most of our customers say our professional staff always does an excellent job of jewelry cleaning. Not just simply dipping jewelry as many jewelers offer, but a thorough and professional jewelry cleaning and inspection. 


 When in doubt, especially with your delicate pieces, do not clean jewelry yourself! Take it to us and we will clean and inspect your jewelry with care to bring out its original luster. 


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