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Ring Sizing and Jewelry Repair in South Boston, VA Ring Sizing and Jewelry Repair in South Boston, VA

We are always at your service. You can trust us for your ring sizing and jewelry repair!


Our jewelry store is fully equipped for ring sizing and jewelry repair for any of your treasured pieces, purchased from us or not. 


With proper care, repair, and maintenance your jewelry can reward you with a lifetime of fulfillment and enjoyment. You can hand it down to your children and grandchildren. 


Our jewelry repair services include:

  • Ring sizing
  • Prong repair
  • Stone replacement
  • Loose gemstone repair
  • Shank repair
  • Chain repair
  • Jewelry cleaning

Ring Sizing

It is always best to have your finger measured by a jeweler. She has the right tools to measure your ring size. But, we know that is not always possible – the ring may be a gift from a loved one or perhaps an engagement ring. Over time, you may lose or gain weight and your ring may no longer be a perfect fit. 

Your ring can be adjusted if it is too tight or loose. Ring sizing is the most common type of jewelry repair. Take your ring to us and we will do ring sizing in a jiffy! 

We do ring sizing by adding or removing metal to achieve the desired size. We match the new metal to avoid metal contamination. We do such a smooth job in cutting, shaping, and soldering the shank, you will not notice we did a ring sizing. We finish the job with professional cleaning and polishing. 

Jewelry Repair

When you wear your precious jewelry every day, you cannot avoid the need for occasional jewelry repair. Even precious metals are prone to erosion and fatigue. 

You should properly store and take care of your jewelry to keep it in top shape. However, you will, at some point, need jewelry repair to restore it to its original condition. 

When you need jewelry repair, whether due to unexpected damage or natural wear and tear, you need to take it to a qualified professional you can trust to avoid anything from going wrong. 

Should your gold jewelry need to be cut or soldered, our professional staff will not leave any visible seams. We never do any rush jobs that could lead to not enough soldering causing visible seams. These seams are not only unsightly but can also weaken your ring.  

We do prong repairs with exact precision. Prongs that are not too tight may cause your stone to fall out. Conversely, when the prongs are too tight, they may damage your stone.

 When sizing your ring, new metal should be added. If the ring is stretched without adding new metal, the shank will appear thinner than the rest, especially when the design has the shank even around your finger.

These situations can be possible with a novice jewelry repair service. 

Our professional jewelry repair staff has years of experience in every aspect of jewelry repair. You can trust us to handle your precious jewelry with utmost care.  We always make sure to do the job right the first time.  

Take your jewelry to us and we will restore it to the same condition as when you purchased it. We also offer eyeglass repair.

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