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Watch Repair in South Boston, VA Watch Repair in South Boston, VA

Are you finding it difficult to answer the question, “Do I need to get my watch repaired?” Sometimes, repairing a watch can be more expensive than purchasing a new one. But, if you have a luxury watch, heirloom, or one that has sentimental value, the cost of watch repair services can be worth it. 


Our professional technician has the experience, training, and tools to repair any of your watch problems. When you need quality repair and care for your watch, we can provide it. We can restore your watch to bring back your memories.


What We Do

Watch repair servicing is a short and simple process. However, your watch should be handled with care! Your watch comes with intricate and tiny mechanical parts. How do we do watch repair? 


Our watch repair services include: 


  • Watch Cleaning 
    1. We carefully take every bit of your watch apart. The strap or bracelet is detached from the watch.
    2. We then remove the movement.
    3. The individual components of the case are broken down. Looks pretty simple but this should be done correctly to prevent any damage to the watch.
    4. We clean and polish all components of your watch with great care using our specialized tools and cleaning machines.
    5. We inspect every component of your timepiece to check for any rusting or damage. We then replace any damaged part with genuine parts from the watch manufacturer.
    6. We reassemble the movement with extreme care making sure your watch will work correctly. We always make it a point to regulate the movement.
    7. We remove any scratches or dents in your watch. This can be an extremely complex process.
    8. Your watch is then given a deep clean and a final finish. The case is finally reassembled.
    9. The final step of watch repair is to test the watch. We do various tests to ensure your watch functions fully well such as time checking and water resistance pressure testing.
    10. Before marking the watch repair job as completed, we give your watch a final check. We do a final check on the overall aesthetics, timing, and accuracy of your treasured timepiece.

We then give your watch back to you as good as new. 


We can clean and sanitize components of your watch to keep it running at top shape. We can service most watch models. You can trust us to give your timepiece the attention and care it deserves. 


  • Watch Band Adjustment and Replacement

Leather and plastic watch straps / bands are easy to adjust because they come with clasps and holes. However, metal links need to be removed from most metal watches and  designer brand watches to adjust the size. 

  • Watch Battery Replacements

While you can replace watch batteries yourself, finding the right model and type of batteries can be confusing because of the different labels battery brands have for their batteries. 

With our battery replacement service, you are assured we only  use new batteries recommended by watch manufacturers. 

  • Quartz Movement Replacement
  • Car Remote Battery Replacement

Watch repair and servicing should not be done by anyone. It should only be done by professional and experienced specialists to prevent any damage to your watch. 

Many of our customers thank us for our terrific service. Experience  our watch repair services yourself!

Is your watch not working the way it should? A watch repair can make it work the way it should. Take your watch to our store and we will keep it running at its best in no time. 

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