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LeRAVe Jewelry has the experience, knowledge, skills and equipment to provide the best jewelry possible for any occasion. Regardless if you need a simple birthday present, an anniversary gift, or a gorgeous engagement ring to tell her “I Love You,” we got your covered.

Engagement rings

We have the perfect engagement ring for you! Visit LeRAVe and we will help you find your one and only. Whether it’s a solitaire diamond or a stunning halo design, we have what you’ve been looking for.

Wedding Bands

It’s time to think about the ring! Whether you’re looking for something as simple as a gold band or you want some more elaborate design, we are experts who can help you find what you need today! Come explore the extensive selection today.

Custom Engraving

Whether it’s restoring a classic firearms’ engraving to its original condition, incorporating elements of factory patterns to create a unique look, or including personalized touches to a family heirloom, our expertise can help you make your firearm one of a kind.

Jewelry Cleaning

Your jewelry can have years of soap and dirty build up. So, if you want to keep your jewelry looking like new and make it shine again, stop by LeRAVe Jewelry for expert cleaning and restoration of any type of jewelry or heirloom. 

Ear piercing

Getting your ears pierced is a very personal decision, one which cannot and should not be taken lightly so choose only safe and professional ear piercing services from LeRAVe.

Watch repair

It is time for you to stop obsessing over a watch that does not work, and instead invest in an expert who can restore it. We have been repairing watches for decades and take pride in our craftsmanship and knowledge in repairing watches.

Jewelry Appraisals

Whether you’ve inherited a jewelry collection or want to insure the jewelry you currently own, getting an appraisal for your valuables is an important step in protecting them.  Stop by or call us today to get information on our jewelry appraisals.

Custom jewelry designs and fabrication

Since 2007, LeRAVe Jewelry has been crafting custom designed engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry.  Coupled with state of the art machinery, our experience and knowledge and help your dream jewelry a reality.


If your ring is too snug and doesn’t fit comfortably anymore, let our expert bench jeweler size the ring properly.  Regardless if you need to size it up or size it down, we have experience, skill, and equipment to do it properly.